The L. Shirley Tark Turbo & Jet Engine Research Laboratories at the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering of the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, is the main Israeli academic center for jet engine propulsion and gas turbines. The lab carries out basic and applied research incorporating theoretical and experimental studies.


The mission of the Technion’s Turbo & Jet Engine Laboratory is to facilitate the performance of reliable theoretical and experimental research and development work in the field of jet engines and gas turbines, for small and large-sized engines. The laboratory is an integral part of the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering at the Technion and as such supports the basic studies of the undergraduate students and serves as a test bench for postgraduates and post doctorate personnel. The laboratory, being the sole one in Israel, serves as a center of knowledge and support for the relevant local industries. It hosts the Annual Israeli Jet Engine Symposium with typically about 100 participants taking part.



  • Presentations and Photos from The 15th ISRAELI SYMPOSIUM ON JET ENGINES & GAS TURBINES – can now be viewed.
  • The 15th ISRAELI SYMPOSIUM ON JET ENGINES & GAS TURBINES will be held at the faculty building of Aerospace Engineering, Technion, on November 17 2016. The program includes about 24 lectures from leading professionals in the field from Israel and abroad. The first half of the symposium will be conducted in English while the afternoon sessions will be conducted in Hebrew. For those who did not register yet, please do so using the attached application form. Although it is possible to register on site, at the registration desk, advanced registration helps us significantly to optimize the administrative efforts associated with the symposium.
  • A Workshop on Advances in Micro Gas Turbine Cycle Modeling and Turbine Hot Section Design Practices will be held on November 15 2016 at the faculty of Aerospace Engineering. Participation is free of charge, however advanced registration is required.
  • Book of Abstract of The 15th ISRAELI SYMPOSIUM ON JET ENGINES & GAS TURBINES – can now be downloaded from here.
  • Feedback concerning 15th ISRAELI SYMPOSIUM ON JET ENGINES & GAS TURBINES to be sent using questionnaire and personal detail forms.


The 14th Israeli Sympoium on Jet Engines & Gas Turbines